Wednesday, December 24, 2008

so the BBQ + sleepover was over. and the pictures are all uploaded too. the pictures are all down there. so if u wana skip wat i wana say here, feel free to do so. juz scroll down.

but firstly here, i wana take the opportunity to thank the girls (peikei, christina, ah chan, chooimee, pohann) for all the careful planning and actually carrying out the BBQ + sleepover successfully!! haha this time i goyang kaki oni.. lol =P sorry oooo.. din help much.. for the boys, u all shud know dat planning it was no easy job ler.. especially confirming hu's going & collecting the money..

thank you chooimee too for lending the house for the event!! and although pohann din join us, =( she made us the agar-agar! haha pohann, i wana tell u dat it's DELICIOUS. i ate so many while taking pictures.. hehe =) so thank you pohann!!

then i guess have to thank all those hu came to make the party possible. without u crazy ppl, there won't be any party!! lol..

haha thanx for all the food, fun & Party!!

i'm really glad to have known ALL of you!!

i duno whether there'll be any gathering like this anymore.. so yea, lastly :

keep in touch, people =)

p/s: for the bowling on the 27th, i cannot make it ler.. so have fun yea!! enjoy bowling!! =P

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