Tuesday, December 23, 2008

post pangkor.. bbq party - part 3 : some leftover pics

i seriously din wana post this. cuz i feel iz kinda like nothing. but since someone wana c them and i have to hormat orang tua..........

> in chooimee's house

the "dry" aquarium.. hehe =)

>> the boys playing cards & watching tv while waiting for ppl to take their bath

chooimee - our hostess for the night =)

chan pooi mun & christina
the two other dedicated girls hu worked hard to make the BBQ possible.. both tired..

durian & sing yee prepared to go Home..

junjen on the phone

>> tired..

>> seng hoe asking them to wake up cuz his father was already at chap heng.. HAHAHA..

senghoe & junjen

>> they still dun wake up leh..

duno wat they're looking at..


>> duno wat they're discussing..

>> go home ler..

>> they were back after sending honchoon & senghoe.

durian blocked me from taking pic!

singyee, junjen, jiahao, durian
-singyee was blocking junhow

junhow, junjen, jiahao
-all tired & sleepy

singyee, junhow (blocked again), junjen, jiahao, durian

PHEW! dats the Last pic jor.. seriously Last. i'm so glad the uploading job is over..

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