Monday, December 22, 2008

post-pangkor.. bbq party - part 1 : the chicken prank

so yea, here goes the chicken prank..

they were by the bbq set..

looking at the pieces of chicken..

the other bbq set

singyee was squeezing honey onto the chicken pieces..

junjen aka babi kin : why don't you use hands? it's a lot easier.
they : u use la..
b. kin : if i use then u all must eat geh wor..

honey-ing the chicken (with hands!) part 1

honey-ing part 2

placing it back to be barbequed

spreading the honey more evenly.. massaging it a little.. lol

DONE! - waiting for chicken to be barbequed

victim 01 (tarzan) with the "special honey chicken" - he looked so happy =)
> he was back wif honchoon. both went to buy more ice and were unaware of the scenario.. lol =P

the pro chef & the unsuspecting victim 01 (with the special honey chicken!!)

group pic with the chicken

victim 02 (honchoon) - he ate the chicken!

tarzan (holding the chicken & showing it to me) : it's Hot!!

getting some chilli sauce..

TADA! all prepared to start eating..

running from me. LOL

caught in the act!! - eating the chicken..

running from me Again. (seriously tarzan! LOL - he just can't stand still to eat his chicken!!)

hmmm.. the chicken needs some sauce..

another very tarzan pic. eating chicken behind the TREE
tarzan : wah like dat oso wana take??!

tarzan : plz la.. i'm just eating the chicken!!

at the drain with the chicken - pose 1

pose 2.. LOL (i seriously wonder why he chose such a strategic place.. hard to snap pics + nice geh meh eat chicken at the drain?? haha..)

After knowing the Truth..

victim 01 aka tarzan disappointed + acting emo

the pro Chef poses..

(really disappointed + emo) - dun play play..

then, the Chef laughs heartily..

the essence of the prank - THE BOTTLE OF HONEY!! hahahahahaha..
look at all the hands.. seriously looks like HONEY advertisement =)

-chicken prank ends-

thanks for following the story!! wakakakakaka!! =P

total pics : 30
88 more pics to go.. arggggggh.. headache..

stay tuned..

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