Saturday, December 13, 2008

from my camera..

nothing much actually..

day 3 > at foo ling kong (i duno wat the name means..)

> at kota belanda (dutch fort..)

> at the jetty.. (wanted to take more pictures but due to SOME reasons den din take =( haiz nvm la over jor..)

> at the bus terminal (we waited from 4.20pm to about 6.05pm - Long Wait indeed..)
haha can see how we spent our time just Waiting, WAITing & WAITING.. playing cards, sitting by the longkang ...

-trying out the camera-

-boys' group pic (all 11 of them..)-
back row - jiahao, ah kan, senghoe, singyee, junhow, kaiqi
middle - ah chen(fat chicken), junjen, durian (tarzan)
front - james, honchoon

-playing cards to pass the time-

-sitting by the longkang n d toilet-
from left : chiewyan, jiahao, junhow, siewyee

-jiahao looking at his poor "burnt" hand.. lol-

-still playing cards.. ah kan look blur n sor sor dei here.. haha =P-

-"king sou" by the longkang.. tarzan sms girlfriend.. haha-

-by the longkang again-

-siewyee looks so cute here.. feel lk pinching her cheeks!! haha-

-"king sou" by the longkang again-
tarzan : ei, ppl take picture ar..
fat chicken : (dun care)

side view of fat chicken.. lol first time dat fat chicken look lk a boy in a photo.. hahahahaha.. dun believe me?! go check other pics.. lol

-2nd pic of tarzan n fat chicken "king sou"-

-play cards again-

-chiewyan & junhow =)-

-fat chicken on d phone.. wif girlfriend??! lol-

-ah kan n junjen-
junjen : (points at ahkan) he's the killer!!
ahkan : (evil smile) hehe.. too late jor.. now oni can guess?!! lol

james : hehe i'm the angel. dont i look lk one??! haha =)

-singyee, honchoon, senghoe-
honchoon looks lk dai lou here.. sit in the middle lk a king & holding the handphone.. haha =P

-kaiqi, durian, singyee, honchoon, senghoe-
all restless jor waiting for the @#$% bus.. lol

>in the bus (on the way home..)

-lydia xun lui & lau lin popo-
~"po xun" picture~
photographer : mr. ng jun how
camera mode : flash mode

the lamest picture of all.. din plan to upload but my popo n the photographer wana c..

so yea the "po xun" picture. u better appreciate this, popo!! we look so sor here.. lol the only way we look alike is dat when we smile, our eyes go really small & have the same size.. hahahahaha =P dat wan lau lin popo say geh..

dats all ler.. the last pic jor.. so sad la.. the trip seemed so short. i guess time really flies when you're having fun..

sorry again for the extremely long wait..

sorry too for those who seldom appear in the pics.. i simply take oni to occupy my free time there.. really sorry for being such a BAD photographer!! my photography skills very cacat & cha sui geh la.. but i think u are all in the grp pics.. so, no worries!!

so yea hope u all ENJOYED the pictures!! thank you for all the cooperation u guys gave me!! i really appreciate it!! =) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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