Monday, December 22, 2008

post pangkor.. bbq party - part 2 : other random pics

mostly those pics of all of you playing with water.. really a water-crazy gang..

my first pic.. lol i din notice anything wrong wif d pic until i looked closely.. they were filling the RUBBISH BIN with water!! really siao!

singyee, winghong, junhow

james (at the corner), junjen, ziyi, peikei
judging from junjen aka babi kin's expression, he muz be thinking y the sopo is taking pics AGAIN.. lol

junjen trying to wet peikei..

zixian aiming at peikei??

james sitting with the bag of charcoal. kaiqi with his chicken wing.

only 1 chicken wing left?? miserable.. haha

erm wats dis?? lemme zoom in!

iz a wasted piece of ham on the floor..

after a few hours.. : the ham nicely squashed!
i rmb junjen started saying ".. those in africa very cham u noe, n u see how u all treat the food here.." lol

the leftover food. junjen used the same "africa" comment for it..

finally, first pic of GIRLS!!
christina, pooimun aka ah chan, chiewyan - all busy wif Food..

honchoon was back with the pack of "fresh ice" and pouring them into the Rubbish Bin. lol.. winghong (ah chan's bro) with the water gun.

busy with the ice..

the boys..

singyee, durian aka tarzan

christina, chooimee - christina was eating while i took the pic..

my camera dirty jor.. haiz

the boys..

the girls : ziyi, ah chan, chiewyan

boys again..

girls' group pic 1.
they were all prepared for the photo and as i snapped, a joker (obviously a boy!) splashed 1 WHOLE PAIL OF WATER at the girls. i pity ziyi..

BUT i LOVE the water effect in the picture.. hehe =)

girls' group pic 2 : ziyi, peikei, ah chan, christina, chiewyan, chooimee (in front)
all back to position & a nice shot! - haiz too bad i wasn't in.. sad case..

> boys..

kaiqi in the middle with his chicken wing.. nice pose? haha i'm actually more interested in chen & junjen behind!! lol.. wonder wat happened to them..

chen (fat chicken) & junjen (babi kin) - good combo?? haha =P

erm, wat were they doing? group discussion?? lemme zoom out..

senghoe moved out to look for a better position.. zooming out more..

haha the boys were starting a New Trend: drying clothes by the BBQ set.. lol.. =P

junjen, durian, senghoe, winghong - 4 smart guys by the gate after locking the crazy ones OUT! haha..

james, chiewyan - serious at work.. haha =P

james, jiahao - serious at work (dis time wif water..)

james, kaiqi, jiahao - duno wat they're planning. seemed so happy with their plans..

junhow, chiewyan - sorry! bad shot Again haiz..

ooops.. i saw water being wasted.. (look at the right!)

haha.. dis looks like Jabatan Bekalan Air. junjen is the officer there giving out water while the others line up to get water.. LOL =P

singyee, winghong, junhow

james & his pail
james (in cantonese): lei yau ying ngor siong jor met yeh? lol..

boys on swing..
in front : senghoe, junhow
behind : chen, jiahao - was jiahao praying?? lol
sorry, singyee & james was blocked by senghoe & junhow

from left (standing): zixian, peikei
girls on swing : chooimee, christina, ah chan
sorry again, ziyi was blocked by chooimee..

photo badly taken.. boys on swing again. this time with tarzan standing in the middle.

winghong, kaiqi, junjen

junhow, senghoe

so they started operasi drying clothes by the bbq set again.. lol..

ah chan, me, chen, junjen
my first pic! [taken by durian! thank you jek =)]
was supposed to be my pic wif ah chan. chen & junjen tried to spoil the photo. as a result, photo senget.. lol but dis pic is real funny.

ah chan, me
pic 2 [photographer : still durian. TQ!!]
ahhh.. much better.. lol

senghoe trying to dry his pants (with dat weird pose).. so desperate eh?! lol

senghoe with the bunch of Jokers.. haha..

munchini tin on tar road..

ronaldo on biscuit tin. (actually dats chen.. swt!)

lol when "ronaldo" stood up, they said (cantonese): sei lo. bian jor lo.. knot open.. hahaha =P

at last mah can open oso.. lol

waiting for the "Dare or Not Dare" game..


> champagne time!! (sparkling juice oni la..)

chan wing hong looking very expert here.

all ready??

poof! it's opened!!

bbq ended..

-the end-

thank you for your support!!


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